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Wooden Comb "Khanga"

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  • Wooden hair comb from India

    khanga is a small wooden comb that Sikhs usually use twice a day. It is supposed to be kept with the hair at all times. Combs help to clean the hair, and are a symbol of cleanliness. Combing their hair reminds Sikhs that their lives should be tidy and organised. The khanga makes the uncut hair neat and keeps away tangles.

    The Kanga is an article that allows the Sikh to care for his or her unshorn long hair, Kesh. The kanga is usually tucked behind the "Rishi Knot" and tied under the turban. It is to be used twice daily to comb and keep the hair in a disentangled and tidy condition. It represents the importance of discipline and cleanliness to a Sikh way of life and is used to keep the hair healthy, clean, shining and tangle-free. The Kanga is tucked under the rishi knot to keep the rishi knot firm and in place.

    The Kangha is placed in the hair but it isn't visible as the Turban 

    length aprox 9.5  cm