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Clear Quartz Ball

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  • Height 10,5  cm  Weight 1911 gr.

    CRYSTAL BALLS - Help us see the past and the future. Transport us to a place that is "between the worlds," a gate to other times, other realities. Promote divination, fortune telling,

    clairvoyance, spirit vision quests and the enhancement of psychic powers.

    CRYSTAL (CLEAR QUARTZ) - One of earth's most common minerals. It is also

    known as rock crystal or quartz crystal. Clear quartz

    crystals facilitate wisdom, clarity of thought, general

    healing, memory, meditation, communication,

    transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart,

    intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony

    and love. This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive

    visualizations. Blue quartz crystals grant spiritual insight and

    enlightenment, peace and serenity. They also encourage

    emotional clarity and purity.