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Rose Quartz Ball

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  • Height 8,5  cm  Weight 1093 gr.

    CRYSTAL BALLS - Help us see the past and the future. Transport us to a place that is

    "between the worlds," a gate to other times, other realities. Promote divination, fortune telling,

    clairvoyance, spirit vision quests and the enhancement of psychic powers.

    ROSE QUARTZ - Pink. Enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic live.

    Opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. Emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle love into our lives. Teaches forgiveness and tolerance.

     Peace, calm, heals emotional wounds, love, faith, fidelity, tranquility, restores balance to ones emotions. Skin and cell rejuvenation, smoothes wrinkles. Rose Quartz enhances self-confidence and creativity. Used to help clear stored anger, resentment, guilt and fear. Reduces stress and tension. Aids kidney and circulatory system. Used to clear fluid. Inspires unconditional love in the form of forgiveness, compassion and love. A peaceful and gentle stone to place next to a child’s bed. Also known as the stone of fertility when programmed for this.