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Fluorite Ball

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  • Diam. 5 cm  Weight 187 gr.

    CRYSTAL BALLS - Help us see the past and the future. Transport us to a place that is "between the worlds," a gate to other times, other realities. Promote divination, fortune telling,  clairvoyance, spirit vision quests and the enhancement of psychic powers.

    FLUORITE - Commonly white, yellow, blue, green, purple or a mixture of these colors.

    Fluorite fosters truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and

    protection. BLUE FLUORITE calms the emotions. PURPLE

    FLUORITE increases spiritual balance and mystic visions.

    YELLOW FLUORITE nurtures wisdom, knowledge and

    intelligence. WHITE FLUORITE builds purity of spirit. Fluorite

    is a very protective stone, especially offering psychic protection.

    Centering, allows one to be calm and centered spiritually  - increase

    intuition and social awareness - Helps to tap creative resources and experience

    the inner self. Heart stone, helps one to focus and get organized. "Homework

    Stone" increases concentration for mental clarity and work requiring focused