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Ceremonial Drum Damaru from Nepal

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  • Diameter 19cm thickness10cm weight 600gr (with its case )

    Damaru ceremonial drum from Nepal (CHOD PRACTICE DAMARU ) with a beautiful multicoloured "tail"

    damaru (Skt.damaru; Tibetan ཌཱ་མ་རུ; Devanagari: डमरु) or damru is a small two-headed drum, used in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. In Hinduism, the Damru is known as the instrument of Lord Shiva. The Damru was first created by Shiva to produce spiritual sounds by which this whole universe has been created and regulated. In Tibetan Buddhism, the damaru is used as an instrument in tantric practices. 

    The Chöd damaru

    The Chöd damaru (or chöda) is a specialized form of damaru. It is generally larger in circumference and has a more round shape than its' smaller counter part. The Chöd damaru is used in the tantric practice of Chod.

    With no known antecedent, the Chod drum[ is traditionally made of acacia wood (seng deng), though a variety of beautiful woods are acceptable, as long as the tree is not toxic and does not possess thorns or other negative attributes.