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Dharma-Chakra Thangka

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  • 75cm x 55cm

    Dharma-Chakra Thangka

    THE WHEEL OF LIFE The wheel of life detailed representation of basic Buddhist belief i.e. the transmigrate existence. It explains in a most lucid manner the theory of rebirth .the form in which a being is reborn in to the universe depends upon his yearlings, prayers and amount of merit and demerit (karma) he has stored up in his past life. This suffering of rebirth affects the whole living universe. The wheel is held in the embrace of shenje, ruler of the dead, showing that all beings most eventually meet death. Shenje, who is again represented in the sphere of hell, is a ferocious god with fangs. He is said to symbolize the fearfulness of death and the hideousness of clinging to life. Outside the wheel is a figure of the lord Buddha, who is free from the moral and mental obstructions that can prevent all living beings from achieving enlightenment .his presence outside the wheel, implies his escape from the cycle of life. The wheel is divided in to three parts: axle, spokes and rim.