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  • Star Ruby  Cabochon


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    θεωρείται ενα ισχυρό μεσο για την ενισχυση της εσωτερικών ικανοτήτων του κατόχου,και μια πετρα κλειδί για την πνευματικη  ένωση του με τις δυνάμεις  του σύμπαντος .

    Ιδανική πετρα για την ενίσχυση της αυτοεκτίμησης.

    Βοηθά στην ιδανική ροή και οτν καθαρισμό του αίματος  ετσι ειναι μιά ιδανική πέτρα για τις γυναίκες με προβληματα περιόδου.

    Πέτρα για την ενεργοποιηση και καθαρισμο του Τσακρα της Βασης .

    is whispered to be a fantastic escalator for the inner potency of its carrier. It is a jewel boulder that opens up the gates for spiritual light to enter into the intellectual along with the emotional torso of its carrier. Further, it is conceived to add the energies of the higher frequency into the overall torso. It is a jewel boulder that is accredited to help its carrier to recognize the value of his life furthermore to see the life’s true abundance available to him. It is judged to mend the emotional torso of its carrier by rooting out the sentiments of self-harm. It is contemplated to be best for those who do not value the self or neglect the self. Star Ruby for its prominent ability is conceived to mend the physical torso of its carrier too. It is appraised to cure the sexual dysfunctions along with the feeling of lassitude. It is a jewel boulder that is mushroomed to obliterate the trauma of any kind. On the intellectual ground, it is studied to help its carrier to suppress the emotions of anger. The amplifying vivacities of this jewel boulder help its carrier to come out with the hangover as well as from the feeling of debilitation. It is even conceived to be fruitful for its carrier as it helps to restore the overall torso to health by stabilizing hyperactivity. Star Ruby is predisposed to support the potent pushes of the ruby, lavender, pink so as to allow its carrier to have the aura of love in the gentle wind.  It is conceived to enhance the sensual communication of its carrier with his romantic mate. Further, it is appraised to boost the sensation of adore in the kinship that deepens the sense of commitment and even closeness. Star Ruby serves its lovemaking carrier to uphold the passion. It is too conceived to guard its carrier against psychic attacks.

    Physical Healing:

    The alive, as well as the vibrant colors of this jewel Boulder, helps its carrier by maintaining the proper flow of the blood in the torso. It is a jewel boulder that serves its carrier to aid the efficient circulation of the fluids in the physical torso that in turn helps to purify the blood. Further, it is known to clean the bugs from the physical torso so as to preserve it inviolate. Due to the vibrancy of the pink to red tints, it is pondered to be a jewel boulder of blood as it braces the heart by mending the heart troubles. Further, Star Ruby is conceived to mend the veins and arteries of its carrier’s physical torso. It is a treasured gem piece that helps its carrier to regulate the flow of menses also to its pain. It is appraised for its eminent properties to cure efficiently the reproductive organs of its carrier along with sexual dysfunction. It is too contemplated to heal the issues of impotence as well as infertility. If the wearer is female, then it is known best to mend the gynecological issues of its carrier. It is speculated to be a supportive nugget for the pregnant female carrier. Further, it is helped to cure fever also to infections of all sorts.

    Emotional Healing:

    Star Ruby is pondered to be a jewel nugget that holds and at the same time shares the loving energies with its carrier. It helps its carrier to wipe out the hurtful emotions from the emotional torso so as to make space for loving and caring energies in the beautiful life. Further, it clears away the negative emotions of aggression as well as transmutes the off-putting, pessimistic energies into optimistic vibes. It is conceived to offer strength to its carrier so as to turn out from the distrustful sentiments and hearten the positivity. It is inspected to be a jewel pebble that pulls out the protective facet of its carrier. Star Ruby is believed to breathe to bear up and step forward for people and nature around.

    Spiritual Healing:

    Star Ruby tends to promote the spiritual connection of its carrier with the spirits of the universe. The grounding energies of this nugget makes it a stone of the higher realm. Further, it opens up the physic vision of its carrier through deep meditation to assist him to get associated with his spirit guide. It is conceived to purify the mental and emotional torso of its carrier so as to help him to gain spiritual advancement. Star Ruby is a treasured gem boulder that aligns the internal aura of its carrier with the aura of the surrounding nature. It is mulled over doing away the negative blocks of its carrier from his overall torso, thus to attain the spiritual path conveniently. It is the only sparkler that serves its carrier to reinforce the vivacity of the life force oomph. Star Ruby is also reviewed to bring light on the bends and bits of its carrier’s life so as to conform to his bliss.

    Heals and Balances the Chakra:

    Star Ruby is conceived to be a jewel that with its excellent eminence recharges all the energy levels of its carrier torso. It is appraised to be a precious boulder that revives the intellect of its carrier as well as the positive emotions. It is too credited to encourage the feeling of self-assurance in the intellectual torso of its carrier. The striking tints of star ruby help its carrier to stay attuned to the vitalities of the cosmos. Further, it is trusted to draw in love in the burdensome life of its carrier as well as attract the romantic mate. The vibrant tints of this jewel boulder help to set off the base chakra of its carrier that controls his kinesthetic feeling along with the movement. The triggered chakra of the carrier’s torso helps to restore the overall consistency.