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Dhyangro Shaman Drum from Nepal

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  • Shaman drum "Dhyangro" from Nepal.
    65cm length ,35 cm diam. weight  aprox 700 gr.

    The dhyāngro is a frame drum played by the jhakri (shamans) of Nepal—especially those of the Magars, the Kirati, and the Tamang—as well as by Tibetan Buddhist musicians.

    The dhyāngro may be either single- or double-headed. Double-headed drums are said to have a male side and a female side.[1] The drumhead, which is made from animal skin, is struck with a curved beater fashioned from cane. The frame may also be equipped with jingles. Like the na drum of Tibet, but unlike most frame drums, the dhyāngro usually has a handle. The carving in the wooden handle of a dhyāngro may be quite intricate; owing to Buddhist influence, the handles of some drums are fashioned into a kīla.

    A jhakri plays the dhyāngro during traditional shamanic ceremonies. The drum is occasionally used in Tibetan Buddhist celebrations, as in an orchestra performing Buddhist music